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Frequently Asked Questions
About SimSig
Common Issues / Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

About SimSig

Can I make my own SimSig?

What is Conflict of Interest?

What is Mantis?

Why does SimSig now charge?

When will it be released?

A simulation area I bought has been resignalled. Can I get a free update?

Common Issues/Problems

I've installed the system file but nothing seems to have happened!

I've installed a Simulation, but I can't find the shortcut!

I've paid for a sim but haven't received it.

I've paid for a sim but it only runs in demo mode.

My anti-virus/anti-malware software does not like SimSig.

The screen is full of alpha characters, not track!

Why are some timetables missing?

Can I reload saved simulations when a new version is released?

Why can't I see my old sims when I run the Loader?

When I try to create a sticky note, no window appears and the simulation view becomes unresponsive.

The sim crashes when I try to scroll the main window!

I can't find my savegames with Explorer, but they're there when I look in SimSig!

Are my ports open?


The supplied timetable has platform conflicts all over the place!

Why are some signals missing?

Why are the signals only showing Red and Green aspects?

Can I set my own line closures?

Why are actions in SimSig slow at times?

How do I show signal numbers?

Can a copy of the user manual be made available online so I can print it?

Hosting games using routers

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