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Have you ever wanted a chance to signal the Stafford area post the Virgin High Frequency Timetable introduction in 2008, with the addition of the Norton Bridge flyover? We've found the perfect simulation for you!

You have the four main workstations, Rugby ROC Stafford workstation, Stoke SCC Colwich workstation, Stoke SCC South workstation, and Stoke SCC North workstation. These cover Stafford Station, the surrounding area, and Stoke on Trent station. Plus a workstation incorporating the mechanical boxes on the line to Derby (Which can be turned off!). Full ARS is also provided allowing you to play on your own comfortably, or you can play in multiplayer with up to five people.

The simulation ships with two different timetables, a 2015 one and a 2019 one.

Make sure you Check out the manual!

Stoke SCC
Class 221 Staffordshire

Individual simulations for purchase
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