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Tyneside IECC

Tyneside IECC, situated on the south bank of the River Tyne, controls a section of the East Coast Main Line from the fringe with York IECC at Northallerton through to Morpeth (exclusive). This simulation brings you the joys and frustrations of the complex and restrictive layout at Newcastle, the large Tyne Yard, the offset station at Darlington, and the Metro running on the Sunderland lines. Not only that but representations of Shildon and Heighington lever frame boxes are also included to complete the line to Bishop Auckland. Four IECC workstations and the two lever frame boxes make this a big add-on to the multiplayer games SimSig is renowned for.

Tyneside IECC can be chained to York North/South, which itself can be chained to Leeds East/West, making large multiplayer chains a reality. So-called Groundhog timetables are included (Oct 2009) and you can, of course, create your own timetables as usual.

So, take a deep breath and prepare for a challenge!

Download by clicking "Check for updates" in the Loader.

Individual simulations for purchase
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