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York North / South

An area that many may already be familiar with from the views at the National Railway Museum, York North/South simulation features the entire original IECC control area, from Temple Hirst in the south, to Northallerton in the north. Two workstations cover this area, plus a bonus mini-simulation of the large yard that has sadly dwindled in size but not gone at Gascoigne Wood. If you like freight, you'll love York, especially in the overnight periods where a steady procession of freights pass around and even through York station from and to all parts of the country.

No less than four complete timetables are provided for your enjoyment, with the familiar Groundhog Day (October 2009) timetables matching adjacent sims (currently Leeds East/West) for enhanced fun (midnight and 04:45am starts), a Spring 2016 timetable, and a recent Ferrybridge diversions timetable where the main line through Hambleton was closed for engineering work on a Saturday - fewer trains but an interesting variation to the normal timetable.

The simulation features a variety of freight and passenger traffic, medium and high speed running, double and quad track, uni-directional and bi-directional running, and some flashing yellow aspects. Two eras are provided: in late 2011 the southern end of the station was modified slightly to ease congestion over what was effectively a single line from the Leeds lines to the station, so the two eras cover the "before" and the "after".

The simulation has three modes of ARS (Automatic Route Setting) - none, IECC standard, and enhanced (most routes controlled by ARS). In the enhanced mode it is possible to run the whole simulation by one person. With IECC standard and - most definitely! - none modes, it is recommended to have another player.

We hope you enjoy York North and South!

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Individual simulations for purchase
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