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Rugby SCC South

SimSig Rugby SCC is a trio of simulations: Rugby SCC South, Rugby SCC Centre, and Rugby SCC North. Each simulation covers two workstations of the real life Rugby SCC spanning from Hemel Hempstead in the south to Lichfield Trent Valley in the north, a distance of nearly 100 miles via the main line plus an additional 27 miles via Northampton. Each of the three simulations chains to the adjacent simulation, as well as Rugby SCC South to Watford PSB (now part of Wembley SCC), Rugby SCC Centre to Coventry PSB, and Rugby SCC North to Coventry PSB.

The large control area was split into three simulations for SimSig in order to make the simulations playable for single players, but can be chained to run the entire signal box on a single PC, or spread amongst a few friends. In fact, the completion of Rugby SCC and minor amendments to the Coventry simulation mean that a major trunk of the West Coast Main Line can be simulated from London Euston to Birmingham New Street and Wolverhampton!

The supplied timetables feature the September 2009 period, as provided in many other simulations for compatibility across many of the simulations. Automatic Route Setting is provided for the three simulations which can be disabled if required. This does mean a wider area can be supervised by fewer people.

The Rugby SCC simulations have been written with the much-appreciated co-operation and help of signalling staff at the real life Rugby SCC, along with scaled scheme plan data and interlocking control tables, ensuring the simulations are of the highest accuracy possible.

As usual, all of the simulations are available for preview in demo mode before committing to a purchase.

Rugby SCC South covers the Tring and Bletchley workstations.

Download by clicking "Check for Updates" in the Loader

Individual simulations for purchase
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