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Manchester Piccadilly 2019 Timetable
Round 2 of my Piccadilly game will take place on Wednesday 1st December at 1830. As with the first game, I expect to conclude the game between 2130 and 2200.

Panels will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Game expected to be open to accept connection from 1820hrs.

SIM time start is at 0725 and already there has been a number of challenging infrastructure failures and train delays, which earlier led to several delayed trains.

Current know infrastructure faults are:
* Points failure at Slade Lane Jct.
* Signal fault at 563R on the Down Atherton before Pendlebury Tunnel.
* TCF on Down Slow in advance of MP1125, route locking Mayfield Goods Loop out of order and trapping 5D30 in the loop. This fault cleared just before the conclusion of the first game and 5D30 will form the delayed 1D31. The original stock for 1D31 had earlier formed a heavily delayed 1D30.

Delayed Trains:
* 2A91 +15L departing Manchester Airport.
* 1D31. Delayed awaiting a train set at Manchester Piccadilly. Expect +40L

Team comms will be via Skype. A link to join the chat will be posted in advance of the game. All comms will be handled via Skype.
Start Date/Time
01/12/2021 18:30:00
Fleet Controller
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Manchester Piccadilly
AndyG 26/11/2021 at 00:34
waucott 26/11/2021 at 04:00 (Tentative)
i26 Yesterday at 03:44
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