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Motherwell Monday Madness (To confirm, start time is 18:30 BST)
The alliteration rip off continues

Using the standard Groundhog Day 2009 WTT. Sim start time is 14:30

TS preferred for comms but F10 will do. Using OH2

ARS is enabled due to the short notice of the first session on all 6 panels. Would prefer when you join to turn ARS off as it is not fitted in real life but it is in no way essential.

Generally this will be held 2 Mondays on, 1 off

10/20 TSR over 23 points in the Newton area
40/60 TSR approaching MC434 signal on the Up Main in the Carstairs area
TCF SOWC on the Down in the Wamphray area
1M14 14L
1M84 9L
1S09 19L
2L08 delayed at Hamilton Central due to a technical fault, currently 10 mins late
4S31 17L
4S41 22L
6E30 17L
6M12 67L
Start Date/Time
19/04/2021 18:29:00
Simulations in use
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AndyG 05/04/2021 at 18:18
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Game Discussion
07/04/2021 at 04:25
Check your time zone settings on your profile page, ensuring you're showing 'Europe/London' as a UK user should rectify the issue with the wrong game time showing.