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D896 and D1518

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D896 and D1518 28/11/2021 at 20:37 #142584
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1A59 is just about to grind to a halt at D896 (Up Knottingley) as the crossover GPL D1518 hasn't proved Off. I can talk the train through D896 and then again when the driver complains that the GPL is unlit.

However I am also able to replace D1518 with the main route set (and the GPL has red proving). That doesn't unfortunately clear D896 either, and means the train stops at the GPL. Should the ground signal be replaceable on a main route?


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Jamie S (JAMS)
Last edited: 28/11/2021 at 20:40 by 9pN1SEAp
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D896 and D1518 28/11/2021 at 21:25 #142588
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D1518 is failed. As per message at 07:43:00. The sim can't show failed GPLs.
When the route is proven and you attempt to cancel D1518, then D896 will also revert.

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