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Coventry Summer 1990 TT

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Coventry Summer 1990 TT 27/11/2021 at 20:58 #142512
2509 posts
This thread is for any issues users come across using this Coventry Summer 1990 TT. This the second installment of my West Midlands chain of timetables.
DMU Diagrams
D230 - D250 Derby Cl.150 Sprinter 2 cars (A/T fitted)
NC101 - NC129 Cl.156 Super Sprinter 2 Car

EMU Diagrams
A50 - A58 Cl.310 4 cars
B61 - B91 Cl.304 3 cars
C1 - 43 Cl.321 4 cars

DCMA - Departmental(Civil Engineer London Midland) Main Line Locos.
DCMB - Departmental(Area Civil Engineer Birmingham) Locos.
FEAN - Trainload Coal(Nottinghamshire) Toton Cl.58 locos.
FEBN - Trainload Coal(Yorkshire) Toton Cl.58 locos
FECN - Trainload Coal(Nottinghamshire) Toton Cl.56 locos.
FEFN - Trainload Coal(Nottinghamshire) Toton Cl.20 locos.
FGAT - Railfreight Distribution Tinsley Cl.47 locos.
FGHC - Railfreight Distribution Crewe Cl.85/0 & Cl.87/1 locos.
FGLC - Railfreight Distribution Crewe Cl.86/4 locos.
FGPC - Railfreight Distribution Crewe Cl.86/6 locos.
FGRC - Railfreight Distribution Crewe Cl.85/1 locos.
FQCK - Railfreight [Coal Distrib.] Cardiff Canton Cl.37 locos.
ICCA - InterCity Cross Country Services Locos
ICDA - InterCity Crewe Cl.47/4 locos
IEBA - InterCity Euston - Birmingham Locos
ILRA - InterCity Cl.47/8 locos.
IWCA - InterCity West Coast Services locos.
NNWX - Network South East London & North Western
PBYX - Provincial Bletchley Cl.310 EMU
PDYX - Provincial Derby Cl.150 Sprinters (A/T fitted)
PLGX - Provincial Longsight Cl.304 EMU
RXLD - Parcels Bristol & Old Oak Common Cl.47 locos.
RXLE - Parcels AC electric locos.

BS - Bescot TMD (Walsall)
BY - Bletchley TMD
CE - Crewe Electric
CF - Cardiff Canron TMD
DY - Derby Etches Park
GW - Glasgow Shields Road
LG - Longsight Electric
NC - Norwich Crown Point T&RSMD
OC - Old Oak Common TMD (London)
TI - Tinsley TMD (Sheffield)
TO - Toton TMD (Notts)
TY - Tyseley T&RSMD
WN - Willesden TMD (London)

POIS Codes
AC2G - Tourist Standard Open (Mk.3)
AD1D - First Open (Mk.3)
AJ1G - Restaurant Buffer First (Modular) (Mk.3)
AJ4G - Restaurant Standard (Mk.3)
AS4G - Sleeper Unclassified (Mk.3)
AU4G - Sleeper with Pantry Unclassified (Mk.3)
NEA/X - Bogie Brake Van 100 mph (with gangways)
NE51 - Same as NEA/X
NSX - Post Office Sorting Van (Gangwayed)
NTX - Post Office Stowage Van (Gangwayed)
NXX - General Utility Van Motorail (Non-Gangwayed)
NZ5 - Driving Brake Van (110mph)

TOPS Wagon Codes
FFA - Freightliner Inner Vehicle [82 tonnes GLW]
FGA - Freightliner Outer Vehicle [82 tonnes GLW]
TTA - 2 axle tank wagon [46 tonnes GLW when loaded]

Timetable Copyright © Pascal Nadin July, 2021
The Coventry summer 1990 TT has 396 trains in total & no errors or warnings shown on the analyser. This TT also chains with the summer 1990 New Street TT OK as we've tested that. This TT has also been sent up for moderator approval & hopefully will be available for users to download soon now that the sim updates have been released for Coventry & New Street sims.

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Coventry Summer 1990 TT 27/11/2021 at 22:00 #142522
2509 posts
Moderator approval has been given for this timetable thanks. Users can download it in the downloads section.
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Coventry Summer 1990 TT 28/11/2021 at 21:02 #142586
140 posts
the weight on the decisions tab for DOTW on FRI needs to be reset to 1, as its at 999 on startup. This is obviously from testing the TT.


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The following user said thank you: 58050
Coventry Summer 1990 TT 28/11/2021 at 21:06 #142587
2509 posts
Well spotted, probably left over from when we did the chain test between Coventry & New Street as it was a Friday that we ran.
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The following user said thank you: phil1044
Coventry Summer 1990 TT 04/01/2022 at 00:53 #143330
214 posts
Couple of issues arising from run throughs:

1. Alternatives rule for 1A39MX refers to 1322 entries - should be 1225 entries.

2. Is 1S59 set down at Cov?

3. Is 2B161836 correct?

4. Looks like 2G461721 (6/304) should divide to form 2G451804h (Circ B76) and 2G471831 (Circ B97) (3/304 each).

5. 7T901227's entry could be tweaked so that it enters after 1G271221 ?
- Similarly 1G38FO1757 vs. 0M85E1801H ?

6. 304/310/321 EMUs' train type need to have their Terminate Reverse time specified - not just Station Reverse.

7. Rule should be 6T701304 must appear 10mins after 0T70RR1250 leaves etc
- Rule should be 6G19MWFO2253 must appear 10mins after 0G19RR2239 leaves etc
- Rule should be 7R19MWFO1013 must appear 10mins after 0R19MWFO0900 leaves etc
- Rule should be 0Z96MWFO2316 must appear 10mins after 6G19MWFO2253 leaves etc

8. 1S76 would be the SUSSEX SCOT if from Brighton, no?

9. Should 0T82 / 6T82 have Run as Req. ticked when they also have an alternatives rule?

10. What's the Destination for 6T90 as it's noted as Banbury on corresponding BHM TT?

Looking forward to more in this TT series!

In Zone 6, no one can hear you scream...
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