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Tyneside 2021 TT (session 17/07/2021)

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Tyneside 2021 TT (session 17/07/2021) 18/07/2021 at 12:17 #140637
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On the session hosted by waucott on 17th July I had Gateshead panel. All trains ran with no problem except 1N53 (0622 Saltburn - Carlisle) which seemed unwilling to obey the route at Birtley Jcn. Despite the route being correct the train rang in to query the route: it seemed to want to take the slow line. In the event I ended up telling it to bypass about half a dozen locations, including Newcastle, until the list of timing points was down to the Metro Centre. In the end the TT was abandoned and the train put into Newcastle and then, once the TT had been reinstated, reversed back out to continue as scheduled which it willingly did.

One possibility is that Low Fell Jn was not given as a timing point but the train seemed intent on going straight to Norwood Jcn. I, however, didn't write the timetable. Screenshot attached. Any ideas?


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Tyneside 2021 TT (session 17/07/2021) 18/07/2021 at 13:17 #140639
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Presumably this is the TT that is yet to be "officially" released?

There are a few errors that analyser throws up, so presumably still some loose ends to iron out.

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Tyneside 2021 TT (session 17/07/2021) 18/07/2021 at 20:44 #140647
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I have had the same problem when compiling my 2019 timetable (as yet unreleased due to several issues, all reported on Mantis).
I ended up timetabling the train into two parts, with a slightly different UIC code at Newcastle for the onward journey to Carlisle.
This has cured the problem as a temporary measure until the issues reported on Mantis are dealt with.


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