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A little Mock-SimSig Fun!

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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 19/11/2021 at 17:34 #142391
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Pics of Bournemouth ASC:


In my opinion it's quite unacceptably ugly!

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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 19/11/2021 at 18:58 #142392
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kbarber in post 142378 said:
Good work. Others have picked up most of the issues, I think, although it might be worth double-checking Carpenters Curve - my father always referred to it as Carpenters Road Curve. But Channelsea Junctions need expanding a bit - the NLL from platforms 1 & 2 join at Channelsea South Junction then the High Meads Curve heads off east at Channelsea North Junction, to form a triangle with the line shown joining at Lea Junction. That part of the world is a real tangle... just imagine what it was like when you also had the access to Stratford Freightliner Terminal and Carpenters Road was double-track.
I happened to watch this cab ride yesterday which was quite interesting - massive changes since before the Olympics and HS1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Up2hmf_mI8

TUT in post 142391 said:
Pics of Bournemouth ASC:


In my opinion it's quite unacceptably ugly!
Agreed! I went to an IRSE presentation shortly after it opened and was quite surprised (polite word) at how they designed it. Two signallers and a supervisor on duty which is not terribly efficient for a relatively small area. Miles and miles of blue cables everywhere. Light grey screens with poor contrast.

The only other place I recall seeing grey screens for controllers was in the Oslo control centre on the VICOS workstations, so presumably anywhere else that uses VICOS (Germany, Scandinavia) may well also use it in places.

SimSig Boss
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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 20/11/2021 at 11:30 #142398
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elltrain3 in post 142251 said:
Here is the more modern version of West Coastway from 2009 to the modern-day!

Good job Ell. One point though which is that, according to a diagram I have, the line from South Stoke L.C through to Horsham is part of Three Bridges Panel 7 and would, if released, be a welcome extension of the existing Horsham sim. Therefore the route from South Stoke LC through to Amberley, Pulborough, Billingshurst and Christ's Hospital would probably not appear on a West Coastway sim.

I was doing a mockup of that panel myself but it proved tricky so I have found myself redoing it. I may share it here when I finish it.


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The following user said thank you: Newhampshires
A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 25/11/2021 at 00:23 #142470
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Next up is another big sim, covering the country end of the GEML plus surrounding branches.

The sim has 3 era's

2009-2014, where the smaller boxes between Clacton & Colchester closed and control passed to Colchester ASC under 2 new VDU work stations
deemed "Eastgate" for the Colchester town and section through Hythe and "Thorpe-Le-Soken" for Thorpe-Le-Soken Walton-On-The-Naze and Clacton-On-Sea
though Clacton somehow managed to escape the upgrade and was modified to work to the ASC at Colchester.
This era also sees the lack of Bi-Di between Colchester and Marks Tey.

Next is 2015-2018 where nothing major happened, but Bi-Di working was added between Colchester & Marks Tey, other very minor changes were sidings becoming decommissioned such as at Parkeston West SDGs but these don't affect much.

Finally, we have 2018-2021, this is the most dramatic era for changes, with The major changes being the Felixstowe Branch got a MAJOR upgrade to boost freight and increase flexibility, and the other change was a mere 11 years late Clacton-On-Sea signal box closed and was absorbed into the VDU at Colchester ending the reign of Searchlights on Network Rail. Also in this period, the Wherry Lines were absorbed into Colchester ASC but that doesn't affect anything visually.
Additionally, Norwich gained a new set of CS at Victoria Rd!

So Panels then:
First up Colchester, and although fairly small with goods lines a full set of CS and a lot of joins and traffic it's far from boring! the full BiDi also helps.

Next, we head to Eastgate where we immediately see a crossing of the same name (where the former signal box is located), this panel is also nice and steady with stoppers from London heading through to Colchester Town & Clacton also a few CCTV crossings to watch

Next, Thorpe-Le-Soken (& Clacton) another panel similar to Eastgate simple 2 track ML with plenty of stations & crossings but we also have the junction & Branch to Walton-On-The-Naze and Clacton which prior to 2020 had a very mechanical and "fun" layout with X-overs, mechanical shunt signals in odd places and the last Semaphore under-wires in the country!
It also had the Searchlights for trains starting from platforms 1,2 & 3 which are now gone from the entire UK (MAINLINE) network

Next Back to the Mainline for Manningtree, which is another very simple "pass trains through" panel with a few CCTV crossings to watch plus the shuttle/Boat trains to Harwich.

Parkeston,(post-2020) is the only true "signal box" on the GEML that isn't watched by Colchester PSB/ASC, it has a simple job signalling the extensive docks and sidings at Parkeston Yard while also dealing with trains to Harwich Town and Boat trains from International. also on this panel is an oddity I've left in for some enjoyment, and that's the Harwich Town Train Ferry Terminal, The last Boat left in 1987 but being most of the trackwork still exists I thought I may as well include it!

Back on the Mainline, we hit Ipswich where I've split the panels, West handling the station which can be quite busy with all the trains terminating and freights swapping locos! then we have East which handles the other end of the yard plus the branch to Felixstowe which would require careful judgement to avoid Mexican stand-offs. also included is the Cliffe Quay branch, not used regularly since the 80s but included as it's still connected (just about!)

An odd one now at Saxmundham where the fast mainline branches away and we head into rural East Suffolk and pass plenty of crossings and single-line sections similar to Panttyffon on the Hereford sim really. is also features the first of something Norfolk has plenty of......Swing bridges!

Next, we have Stowmarket which ironically still boasts a signal box opened in 1882 and plated "ST" though in 1985 Colchester PSB absorbed the area but to save on workload Stowmarket survived! albeit as a gate box supervising a number of CCTV crossings and the slots are seen throughout this panel. we also pass the RHTT sidings at Stowmarket plus the Bury St Edmunds branch, this panel is certainly busy and would be very fun!

Finally (kinda) is Norwich where we follow the GEML as far as Trowse where were joined to another sim I made a while back at Wymondham and it joins here and we pass Victoria Sidings which were converted in 2020/1 for use by GA's new "Flirt" units. we then pass over the Trowse swing bridge which can be released and swung to allow tall boats to pass, the "signal box" at Trowse also signals the Cromer branch which fringes at the Whittington Jn entrance!
following on we pass a chord to the CS at Crown point (we'll come back to that) before we reach the journey's end...Norwich! the 6 platforms and plenty of sidings make for a fun panel and busy at that! we then quickly see the wherry lines join and pass Crown point CSD............

Now I wasn't going to add Crown point but I've thrown a mini version in due to the sheer amount of traffic it deals with. the real CS have 24 Roads and an extensive panel to operate them, but my version is the same panel but compressed. controlling the reception roads from Norwich and Wensum jn with the Wensum end through a series of complex slots.

This took rather a long time to produce and even longer to colour but with it, we complete the GEML and ALL its branches and have a visual for them. this also means that the ENTIRE Greater Anglia network is covered (I think?) as Steamer posted an impressive wherry lines mock a while ago meaning the entire area is covered now in mocks at least!

pointers and small mistakes I've missed are always welcome, I've probably missed a lot with the size of the sim.
You may also want to "download" the photos to view them in more detail as they are really rather large!

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"The Out-of-control Host"
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The following users said thank you: Newhampshires, Joe S, bill_gensheet
A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 26/11/2021 at 22:19 #142488
Joe S
110 posts
Amazing work, Ell! One day, perhaps... would be great to play!

The one thing you're missing off the sim, to be faithful to the current ASC, as you say, is the Wherry Lines between Whitlingham Jn and Gt Yarmouth / Lowestoft which are now controlled from a couple of workstations.

I believe the fringe between the two is around Acle - must be rather quiet as it isn't a very busy service at the best of times (one per hour on all routes), let alone with the area 'cut' in two.

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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 27/11/2021 at 22:44 #142529
820 posts
Love the train ferry !

Maybe any actual sim set would be split differently, so you could get keep the Norwich local services on one, and if that was too big then maybe split into a 'GE outer' and 'Saarfolk & Naarfolk' between Ipswich and Manningtree even if that means Colchester comes in two parts (like Doncaster).

A few typos on the 2009-2015 image (not looked at the rest)....

Stick to 'Viaduct', there's enough space and avoids V'diuct (Marks Tey - Colchester)
Colchester Town platform is the other side
Neeley => Weeley
Thorpe-le-Soken station name missing
'Careless => 'Carless Sidings' (Harwich PQ)
'Cattahade' => Cattawade (Manningtree)
'Haugley' => Haughley
'Cow Creek' => Cow Green (no UWC in Quail 2006, only the GF.. more recent ?)
Felixstowe Beach should show as disused platform (hollow)
'Felixtowe' => Felixstowe (north FLT)
'Nowrich' => Norwich (Wymondham approach)
'Nowrich' => Norwich (station)
'Jubiliee' => Jubilee (Norwich station)

If you made some platforms wider (eg Colchester, Harwich, Norwich 5/6) as you have Ipswich the platform numbering would look better and not break up the platform.

If it was a sim, I would be requesting Trowse station for timetabling, as while Trowse closed in 1964 it reopened for a few weekends in 1986....


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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 27/11/2021 at 22:54 #142530
277 posts
Thanks, Bill I'll get those edited in due course!
"The Out-of-control Host"
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