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Semi fictional timetable for 04-03-2018, development

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Semi fictional timetable for 04-03-2018, development 29/01/2018 at 09:31 #105564
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Hello all,

first, please forgive me any missspelling, i am from Germany and my english is school english, so please be kind.

After a long time, I decided to play Central Scotland again. I found out, that there is the Layout for after EGIP already in the sim. I searched for a timetable to try it out, but didnt find one. So i decided zo write one. I randomly choose Sunday, the 4th of March to try it out. I found many infos already, and made some guesses about operations and i am ready with the basic datas, but i have some problems-
Can someone help me out with the actual operating classes and rolling stock? As a basis i chose the informations from the wtt, the timeings for the service. But i am missiong some infos and i found discrepancies in the information.

There are timinges for the EDB to GLQ service for Class 385 and class 158 at 100 mph. Is it correct, that there is a mixed operation diesel and overhead? (My last visit at EDB dates back at BR times, long ago...) Wich classes are operating to Cumbernauld right now, is it the Cl 318? What is operating to the north?

But i have done some work and i find it personally interesting, operationg trains to Croy and as ECS on to Polmont and some redirectet services from Virgin to and from the north on this special day.
So if you dont mind some inconsistency, im am willing to release my work and i would welcome any help to make it better.

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Semi fictional timetable for 04-03-2018, development 29/01/2018 at 17:00 #105567
93 posts
Snotri / Christoph - Guten Tag!

One point on speeds on the E-G main line is that 100 mph appears to apply from GLQ only as far as FKK, then 80 mph to Newbridge Junction, then back to 100 mph through EDP, until the inevitable oranges approaching HYM.

Others may know better and want to correct, but that was what I measured recently on a GPS speedometer, in a 170.

Present operation is a bit of a mixture, as the 385s have not been delivered. The main line uses a mixture of 380s (7-coach) once an hour, and 170s (3- and 6-coach). The electric trains run in diesel timings, and will continue to do until the Dunblane and Alloa routes are converted, and all trains have identical performance characteristics, probably May-19. At present, DBL and ALO are mainly 158s, though a 170 could also appear. Others would have to tell you what runs to CUB.

I hope this is of a little help.

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The following user said thank you: Snotri
Semi fictional timetable for 04-03-2018, development 30/01/2018 at 00:59 #105575
26 posts
Thank you very much. Yes it helps. At the moment i have issued the rolling stock after the timings in the WTT. So it might be ok and working.

I have read much about the EGIP program, checked the updates and the engineering news. So i am quite up to date. I wanted to create a timetable representing the work at the line, the replacement busses and the unusual working pattern for the later evening services.

When the big timetable change will take place, i will write a modern timetable with the HST services to Perth/Dundee/Aberdeen Perth and Inverness and with the faster operating services to and from GLQ.

Maybe someone can help with some diagrams or can tell me, if it is planned to stable EMUs over night at Eastfield.
I really like this sim because i know this area a little bit. ..

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Semi fictional timetable for 04-03-2018, development 10/02/2018 at 22:04 #105816
754 posts
Most commonly, especially for a Sunday:

Glasgow - Dunblane / Alloa 170
Glasgow - Aberdeen / Inverness - 170 or 170+158 or one is a 170+170
Edinburgh - Dunblane 158
Glasgow - Cumbernauld 158

The oddities are weekdays when rush hour extras are often the 156 in between trips to Oban / Mallaig.

Just about anything ends up going to Maryhill to fill in, 156/158/170.

Are you on the 'ScotRail' email list ?
Will dig some more for you.


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Semi fictional timetable for 04-03-2018, development 11/02/2018 at 14:01 #105824
754 posts
E&G 380's
SUN 2 trains out, 7 coaches
0830 from each end, then back and forth on the xx30 departures.
xx00 are 2 x 170.


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