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1984 timetable now available

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1984 timetable now available 14/11/2013 at 23:01 #51558
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This timetable must be operated in the ‘Old Cowlairs’ Sim era option.
This timetable is a combination of the 1984/85 passenger timetable and 1982-1984 period freight timetables.
As such it is not historically accurate for any specific day. The timetable runs from 0000 to 2700 (ie 0300 next day) and generally uses trains running on a Thursday.
Short distance ECS movements have been invented to match stock requirements. A few alterations were also needed to the stock diagrams to suit the sim, notably to cope with multiple docking in the station.
The main feature is the higher levels of both freight and loco-hauled passenger services. This includes more West Highland line services and the West Highland sleeper operating via Queen St. plus an over-length HST to deal with.

At Stirling, there are also Motorail trains to assemble

Freight Services
The main freight activity is based around the traffic from Mossend Yard, although a few freight trains run via
Bishopbriggs, notably oil to Bishopbriggs and some Longannet coal services.
Freight headcodes in this era were brake related and not speed related. As such some class 6 will run at 35mph. A special class of train, Class 6+ are permitted to run at 60mph and older 10ft wheelbase wagons were banned on these trains


This updates the file that has been there unannounced for a while.

Enjoy !

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