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1993 timetable now available

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1993 timetable now available 08/12/2012 at 23:06 #38944
754 posts
Now available in the user contributed downloads section.
Link:CScot timetables

This timetable must be operated in the ‘Old Cowlairs’ Sim era option.
This timetable is a combination of the 1993 passenger and freight working timetables. The 1993 WTT did
not contain coal trains, these being planned weekly, so the 1999 coal timetable has been used instead. The
timetable runs from 0000 to 2700 (ie 0300 next day) and generally uses trains running on a Thursday. To
avoid a rush of seed trains, the last few late night service trains are not included at the start.
Short distance ECS movements have been invented to match stock requirements. A few alterations were
also needed to the stock diagrams to suit the sim, notably to cope with multiple docking in the station.

Passenger Services
At Glasgow Queen Street platforming will be seen to be more predictable than is the case today, for example
platform 6 was the 'Edinburgh Express' platform. The Cumbernauld line has just had new stations added,
and the service extended into Queen Street. However the Cowlairs chord has not yet opened, so these trains
reverse at Eastfield loop.
At this time the depot at Eastfield had closed, and all that remained on the site was a few stabling sidings
which saw limited daytime use.
A small number of conventional loco-hauled services remain, but these just run through the area. Most
notable is the summer West Highland service which lays over at Eastfield and then departs via Queen St low

The sleepers are to a quite different arrangement to that of the current day. The ‘North’ sleeper to Inverness
were maximum length and haulage was by pairs of class 37 and generator vans, while an ETH Class 37
worked the Fort William train.

Freight Services
With most coal for Longannet coming from Fife, there are relatively few coal trains in the area. The main
freight activity is based around the Grangemouth refinery traffic.
The loco depot at Grangemouth was still in use, this was in the FLT M1 sidings area, while the yard itself is
just the sidings labelled M2.
A few specialist freight trains run, notably the Menstrie molasses train using the Alloa line, tube trains from
Rosyth and Plean timber

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The following user said thank you: jc92
1993 timetable now available 08/12/2012 at 23:08 #38945
3363 posts
thanks bill, been waiting for this a fair while!

will a Cowlairs only TT be in the pipeline?


"We don't stop camborne wednesdays"
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1993 timetable now available 09/12/2012 at 02:21 #38955
754 posts
Yes, had to wait for the sim revision due to Bishopbriggs oil siding amongst others.

Cowlairs is already done and available !


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1993 timetable now available 09/12/2012 at 03:03 #38958
3363 posts
a question regarding 6H33- is it authorised to propel from falkirk to grangemouth?

I would have thought the loco would run round via carmuirs east and GH52.

"We don't stop camborne wednesdays"
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1993 timetable now available 09/12/2012 at 10:03 #38963
Andrew G
542 posts
The early era versions of the simulation are not an exact replica of what was in place at the time.

Prior to re-signalling at Grangemouth Junction there was a loop situated between the junction and Grahamston station. One end was controlled by the box the other by an intermediate ground frame which was released by Grangemouth Junction.

In addition it was only possible to turn back trains on the Up Branch - the facility to use both lines only came in when the junction was re-modelled.


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1993 timetable now available 09/12/2012 at 13:54 #38975
754 posts
As the notes say:

Grangemouth Jn run round

In 1993 there was a loop to allow loco run round at Grangemouth Jn for trains between Grangemouth and
the east. This is not present in the sim, and trains therefore just pause on the down main line before
The loop was on the up side and the loco ran round via the up main line. See the following
Also discussed http://www.signalbox.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=697

So as the loco running round blocked the up line I decided that the best compromise was to have trains pause in the down platform at Falkirk Grahamston. This at least provides a similar operating problem as the run round in that it blocks one running line for a short while, even if it is the wrong one. You will find Manuel loop useful !

In more recent times, the run round on the Linkswood tanks was at Larbert down loop, not Carmuirs. All other trains were routed via Mossend to approach from the west.


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The following user said thank you: jc92